Wish List

If you feel so inclined to send me a care package, here’s my brand spankin’ new address:
Sister Melissa A. Denton
P.O. Box 165
Butare, Rwanda

It never hurts to add a few Jesus stickers, too, by the way. (Less likely to be searched in customs.)

– Amazon Gift Cards (Don’t even need to send a care package for this!)

Fun Stuff:
– Handwritten letters/cards/notes (I love these! Guaranteed to make me cry tears of joy.)
– Stickers, school supplies, etc. (For the local kids!)
– Magazines/publications on development
– Tupperware (The kind that stack inside one another.)
– Nail polish remover/Nail polish
– Liquid soap (Like Cedaphil.)
– Twin-sized sheets
– Composition notebooks/spiral-bound notebooks
– Pens, Sharpies, etc!
– Multi-vitamins, with extra Vitamin C
– Gum!
– Anything to remind me of home/family/friends (Both Lake County and Davis!)

– Granola
– Granola bars (Especially the ones dipped in chocolate, since chocolate doesn’t exist in Rwanda.)
– Any kind of sausage (like the kind you find in malls around the holidays)
– Chex Mix/Cheez-Its/Etc.
– Any kind of just-add-water (or milk) meals (i.e. pasta pouches, mac and cheese boxes, etc.)
– Soup/sauce pouches
– Anything crunchy! Rwanda is severely lacking on the crunch-facter.
– Nutella and other non-meltable chocolate items.
– Any sort of dry, interesting pastas (Like dried tortellini, etc.)
– Lima beans!
– Salad dressing in a plastic container (I like cilantro, basil, Italian, Caesar types. :] )
– Bisquik! (The just-add-water/milk kind!)
– Syrup!


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